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Our Annual General Meeting took place on 22 November, and we’re excited to finally announce the new Committee of Management for 2015 and share our Annual Report for FY2013/2014!

The Committee of Management works hard all year to organise the activities that make New Melbourne Browncoats what it is, including our convention tables, fundraising and social events, and all the behind the scenes stuff that keeps us going. Thank you to each of our bold volunteers from 2014, and please help us welcome our new team!

2015 Committee Members

President: Jen Cummings
Vice President: Chris MacLennan
Treasurer: Michael Mihalic
Secretary: Leanne Girdwood
General Committee Members: Melissa Dwyer, Michael Girdwood, Liz Reichard & Laura Shearman
Sub Committee Chairs:
– Outfitters (Browncoat Booth) – Jen Cummings
– Sereniversity – TBA
– Can’t Stop the Serenity 2015 – Chris MacLennan
– Return to the Cabin in the Woods – Liz Reichard

Annual Report for FY2013/2014

The Annual Report is finally here, and if you want to know what we’ve been up to, click here to read it. It includes:

  • Highlights and achievements
  • Financial report including donations to charity
  • Reports on Can’t Stop the Serenity 2014, NMB Outfitters: The Browncoat Charity Booth at conventions, and Membership
  • Messages of thanks to our volunteers and supporters

Annual Report 2013-2014 cover

Thank  you for supporting New Melbourne Browncoats Inc in 2014! It’s been our pleasure having you as a member.
Here’s some key information for 2015.

2015 Membership
The cost of membership will increase slightly from 2015:

  • New Memberships: $16 (up from $15 in 2014)
  • Membership Renewals: $11 (up from $10 in 2014)

Memberships are for 12 months, effective 1 January each year (regardless of purchase date).  Renewal notices will be emailed the next weeks. If you do not receive your email by 31 December, please contact us to update your details.

Membership Benefits
The Members Discount available at our convention stalls will be removed from 2015.  This has been replaced with a monthly Member’s Prize Draw.

2015 Events Calendar
A calendar of events for 2015 will be posted on our website in the next few weeks. This will include social meetups, special events like Can’t Stop the Serenity and the conventions we’ll be attending with the Browncoat Booth.

On November 10 (or today as it still is in the US), Equality Now celebrates “Browncoats Appreciation Day“. Since 2006, Browncoats have helped raise over $900,000 for Equality Now through Can’t Stop the Serenity.

And we’re excited to finally announce that our own events this year have added $8,067.43 (or $7,000 USD) to this growing figure.

This year’s Can’t Stop the Serenity fundraising came from three events – our Serenity screening on 2 August at the State Library of Victoria’s Village Roadshow Theatrette, our annual Battle of the Geeks Trivia Night at the Celtic Club, and a series of eBay auctions. All told, Can’t Stop the Serenity Melbourne 2014 raised $8,067.43 for Equality Now, which was donated on 12 October.

This year’s screening didn’t quite sell out as it had in the past but we still had a great turnout (180 tickets were sold out of 200). There was some fabulous cosplay, and after speaking to the people that were in attendance it’s clear that a good time was had. We were again very fortunate to have Ben McKenzie offer his time to host our event, and I honestly don’t know how to express our thanks enough. Ben makes the running of our day so much easier. We had some fantastic collectibles on offer in our live auction, and some very passionate bidders! Our massive raffle was a great success, and our door prizes were a hit! Huge thanks to our supporters for donating so many wonderful things for us to share. There were some hiccups on the day, but thanks to Ben, the SLV staff and the members of the NMB Committee of Management, those problems were solved with a minimum of fuss – and hopefully without anyone even being aware of them! All told, it was a great day and a wonderful chance to spend some time with our fantastic Browncoat community!

The Battle of the Geeks Trivia Night on 16 August was great fun! Attendees were a mix of presale tickets and pay-on-the-night, with a total attendance of about 70. The highlight of the night was the Celebrity Head round, and everyone enjoyed making origami Serenity models. We are indebted to the folks at the Celtic Club for once again providing the venue at a low cost, to the Perth Browncoats for sharing their trivia questions, and to our supporters for donating prizes for our raffle and winning team.

Lastly, our ebay auctions were once again very popular. We had some fantastic collectibles on offer, and lots of very happy winners. Congratulations!

Our CSTS events wouldn’t be successful without the volunteer helpers that we have in the lead up to events and on the day. Thanks go to Liz, Craig, Alex, Ali, Breanna and Xander, and I’d also like to thank the other members of the Committee of Management: our President, Jen, our Secretary and my CSTS co-runner Leanne, our Communications and everything computer based go-to guy Michael, and our Treasurer Mick who keeps all the numbers in line. Without all the support of these people these events wouldn’t keep happening.

Thank you!!

~ Chris MacLennan, CSTS Melbourne 2014 Organiser

It’s that time of year again – time for our Annual General Meeting! We truly value our Members and want to share with you what we’ve been up to and how your membership dollars help. We’d also love to spend some time with you, and give you the chance to meet and hang out with other New Melbourne Browncoats members.

This year’s AGM will be held at The Boatbuilders Yard in South Wharf on Saturday, 22nd November at 10am. We’ll be holding the AGM from 10–11am, then having lunch afterwards. We would love for all members to attend, and friends are welcome too.

The AGM involves the presentation of reports from the Committee of Management (COM) about what we’ve been up to during the past financial year, the election of the COM for the following year, and a chance for you to ask questions and raise issues (see the Articles of Incorporation for more info on your rights as a member). Please note that only members may participate in voting and you should make sure you have your dogtags with you if you wish to vote.

If you think you’d like to become more involved, you’re invited to nominate for any position on the COM, or volunteer to be part of a Sub-Committee. COM roles are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and General Member. In 2015, the Sub-Committees are CSTS, Sereniversity Event, Cabin in the Woods Event and Browncoat Booth (our presence at conventions). Nomination information for COM positions has been sent to members, so check your emails, and if you’d like to volunteer for a Sub-Committee just let us know!

We hope to see you there!

Anthea Wright is an amazing Australian artist, and this stunning Kaylee piece is just the start of her Firefly inspired collection! Anthea was showcasing her work at Armageddon Expo this weekend, and we were lucky to see in progress sketches of some of her upcoming Firefly pieces, including Zoe and Wash pieces. She’s an artist to watch, and definitely worth checking out!

In fact, we’ve got one of her gorgeous Kaylee bookmarks to give away! For your chance to win just email outfitters@newmelbournebrowncoats.com and tell us your favourite Kaylee moment. Entries close on Friday 24 October.


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