Now isn’t that just the cutest thing you ever saw? And it could be yours this Saturday at Can’t Stop the Serenity! We’re auctioning off a “Little Damn Hero” maquette of Jayne, complete with Vera and his very cunning hat. Of course, it’s vital to have one of these yourself, so we’ve paired mini-Jayne with a non-mini sized hand-knitted hat in the style of Mama Cobb. A snuggly warm (and very cunning) hat is a winter essential, so if you’re the lucky winning bidder you’ll not only be able to walk down the street unafraid but you’ll also have a nice warm noggin!

If you haven’t got your tickets, don’t delay! Grab them online for just $18! All the fun starts at 3:30pm, so don’t be late! Details are just over on the right of your screen >>>>>