The New Melbourne Browncoats are named in reference to the planet of New Melbourne (as mentioned in Firefly’s “Objects in Space”).

The second planet orbiting the Red Sun, New Melbourne is an oceanic world known for its teeming sealife and extensive fisheries. It has a thriving seafood market, and is a well known layover point for ships traveling from the periphery of the ‘Verse to the core.

I’ve put out a few waves to some old acquaintances — I may even be able to find something in New Melbourne, if you need the shuttle free.

Only thing you’re gonna find in New Melbourne is fish and fish related activities. Unless you got an overwhelming urge to gut sturgeon — and who hasn’t, occasionally —

But it’s a layover point for almost every planet this side of the system…

It is understood that New Melbourne is probably named after our fine city of Melbourne, which is on the sea, though pronounced significantly differently.

The group was renamed New Melbourne Browncoats (from Melbourne Browncoats) in 2011 when we were incorporated as a formal not-for-profit association.

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