The role of the Secretary is to be the administrative backbone of the association.

The specific duties normally carried out by the Secretary include:

  • Keeping a registry of association members
  • Lodging financial reports with the relevant government agency (in conjunction with the Treasurer)
  • Notification of any changes in office bearers to the appropriate government agency that administers laws and regulations governing the incorporation of associations, and to financial institutions
  • Compile and send out the agenda for board/committee meetings
  • Record, publish, circulate and maintain the minutes of board/committee meetings
  • Maintain a calendar of association events and notify association personnel of forthcoming events in a timely manner
  • Act as a focal point for the receiving and sending of correspondence on behalf of the association
  • Keep a copy of all inwards and outwards correspondence
  • Maintain records of the association
  • Sending out notices of general meetings to the association membership

Per our Articles of Incorporation (Part 5, Division 2):

Article 45. General Duties
(1) As soon as practicable after being elected or appointed to the Committee, each committee member must become familiar with these Rules and the Act.
(2) The Committee is collectively responsible for ensuring that the Association complies with the Act and that individual members of the Committee comply with these Rules.
(3) Committee members must exercise their powers and discharge their duties with reasonable care and diligence.
(4) Committee members must exercise their powers and discharge their duties—
(a) in good faith in the best interests of the Association; and
(b) for a proper purpose.
(5) Committee members and former committee members must not make improper use of—
(a) their position; or
(b) information acquired by virtue of holding their position—
so as to gain an advantage for themselves or any other person or to cause detriment to the Association.
Note: See also Division 3 of Part 6 of the Act which sets out the general duties of the office holders of an incorporated association.
(6) In addition to any duties imposed by these Rules, a committee member must perform any other duties imposed from time to time by resolution at a general meeting.

Article 47. Secretary
(1) The Secretary must perform any duty or function required under the Act to be performed by the secretary of an incorporated association.
Example: Under the Act, the secretary of an incorporated association is responsible for lodging documents of the association with the Registrar.
(2) The Secretary must—
(a) maintain the register of members in accordance with rule 18; and
(b) keep custody of the common seal (if any) of the Association and, except for the financial records referred to in rule 70(3), all books, documents and securities of the Association in accordance with rules 72 and 75; and
(c) subject to the Act and these Rules, provide members with access to the register of members, the minutes of general meetings and other books and documents; and
(d) perform any other duty or function imposed on the Secretary by these Rules.
(3) The Secretary must give to the Registrar notice of his or her appointment within 14 days after the appointment.

Term of Office:
Per our Articles of Incorporation (Part 5, Division 3):

Article 55. Term of office
(1) Subject to subrule (3) and rule 56, a committee member holds office until the positions of the Committee are declared vacant at the next annual general meeting.
(2) A committee member may be re-elected.

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