As Browncoats, we love to help those around us, in our local community and internationally. For us, we do this by organising charity events with auctions and raffles, running our Browncoat Booth at conventions where sales proceeds benefit charity, and hosting fundraising auctions. We support a number of local charities, as well as Equality Now.

The local charities we currently support (as ongoing supporters) are:

FareShare logo
FareShare provides free, tasty, nutritious meals to the hungry using donated food not needed by supermarkets, farmers and markets. They are a small, not-for-profit community organisation operating on a very small budget, and with no operational funding from government. Their goal is to give away one million meals a year.
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Fitted for Work logo
Since 2005, Fitted for Work has transformed the lives of over 10,000 women. As a not-for-profit organisation, their mission is to help women experiencing disadvantage get work and keep it. They do this by providing free business clothing at their personal outfitting service and through their range of interview training, mentoring and transition to work programs.
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smith family logo
The Smith Family gives disadvantaged children the motivation, encouragement and essentials they need to stay in school and create a better future. More than 638,000 Australian children live in jobless families without the right support and opportunities to fully participate in their education. The Smith Family’s learning support and mentoring programs in 94 Australian communities directly helps children in need achieve their goals through education.
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For more information about our charity efforts:

DONATIONS TO CHARITY – As New Melbourne Browncoats Inc: $77,212.54 [Updated 26 Nov 2017]
Equality Now – $49,976.22
FareShare – $13,500.00
Fitted for Work – $13,500.00
Autism Victoria – $6,000.00
Red Cross Australia – $3,070.00
The Smith Family – $2,048.00 (Annual Student Sponsor since July 2014)
Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center – $998.27
Equality Now – $14,000.00 (approx)
Country Fire Authority – $1,000.00
Motor Neurone Disease Association of Victoria – $500.00
Kids Need to Read Foundation – $280.00 (US$240.00)
GUFF (Fan Fund) – $100.00