About New Melbourne Browncoats

New Melbourne Browncoats is the group for fans of Joss Whedon’s television series “Firefly” and movie “Serenity”, and other projects involving cast and crew of the Whedonverse. We’ve been active in Australia since 2005 as members of Browncoats Downunder and Serenity Oz, and later as Melbourne Browncoats. In 2011, we reformed as New Melbourne Browncoats Inc.

Our aims are simple – we love doing good works, and spending time with fellow Whedonverse fans.

We invite you to poke around the site, check out photos of our past activities and learn about what we’re up to next. And if you find you want more, why not join us? This is an all inclusive group. Just come along to events which take your fancy, join us on social media and meet some of the wonderful folk that make up Melbourne’s Browncoat community.

Our History

Back in the day, we started out as a Yahoo-based Browncoat community under the banner of Browncoats Downunder and later Serenity Oz (a forum that was originally run by Universal International Pictures, and later by a dedicated group of Australian Browncoats). And we had a blast! We travelled to Sydney to see a test screening of Serenity before it was finished, we hosting pub nights, supported the annual “Can’t Stop the Serenity” charity events, organised “Big Damn Meetups” in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne and ran a Browncoat Booth for charity at local conventions. Through these communities, we met amazing people, built life-long friendships and saw more than a few Browncoat weddings!

In 2007, the Melbournians got a bit more organised and formed the Melbourne Browncoats, where we proudly continued to host our annual Can’t Stop The Serenity event, as well as running our Browncoat Booth at conventions both in Melbourne and interstate. We continued to host fun, social events for Melbourne’s Browncoat community, such as screenings of Dr Horrible, cosplay events, and Christmas get-togethers. But as we grew in size, we knew that it was time to evolve.

In 2011, Melbourne Browncoats became New Melbourne Browncoats, Inc. Why the change? We believe that the best way to preserve and build our local Browncoat community, both now and in the future, is to become incorporated. Incorporation gives us a framework within which to operate. We have a Committee of Management, whose roles can be handed on to new Browncoats as time goes by, and by having a more formal, and legally recognised, structure, New Melbourne Browncoats can continue to successfully fundraise for both local and global charities. Plus, handling of funds is made easier and more transparent.

We continue to organise great functions for local Browncoats, and give generously to charity. We have a cohesive and involved member base, and we will continue to be an important part of the global Browncoat community.

Our Members

We’re proud to have a wonderful community of Browncoats as members of the New Melbourne Browncoats. The crew is wonderfully diverse! We’re spread wide geographically, across Melbourne and regional Victoria. We’re young, old and in-between. And our interests are broad, covering all manner of television shows and films, music, art, books, crafts, gaming and beyond! To join us, head over to our Membership area.

2019/2020 Committee Members

President: Chris MacLennan
Vice President: Sarah Brennan-Dunn
Treasurer: Jen Cummings
Secretary/Membership Officer: Melissa Dwyer
Ordinary Members: Charlotte Sweeney

Webmaster: Michael Girdwood (Non-Committee)

To find out more about the Committee and it’s roles, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Official Documents

New Melbourne Browncoats Articles of Association (2013)
Nomination Form for Committee of Management
Proxy Assignment Form for Members

Annual Reports & Annual Financial Statements

New Melbourne Browncoats Inc – Financial Statement for FY2018-2019
New Melbourne Browncoats Inc – Financial Statement for FY2017-2018
New Melbourne Browncoats Inc – Financial Statement for FY2016-2017
New Melbourne Browncoats Inc – Financial Statement for FY2015-2016
New Melbourne Browncoats Inc – Financial Statement for FY2014-2015
New Melbourne Browncoats Inc. Annual Report for FY2013-2014
New Melbourne Browncoats Inc. Annual Report for FY2012-2013