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It’s been a long time since we’ve had the opportunity to come together at a pop culture convention.

After the success of Oz Comic-Con Homegrown Melbourne, we took the plunge and went big for Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2022. And we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, had a chat, showed off cosplays, and bought something from us! You all made this a fantastic weekend! Thanks for your continued support and for sharing your love of Firefly and Serenity!

Thank you for your continued support of the New Melbourne Browncoats. 2020 has been a difficult year, and we are thankful to have such a wonderfully kind Browncoat community to see us all through together.

Things will likely look a bit different in 2021, as we hope to see the return of conventions and other in person events. We are being cautiously optimistic about holding some in person events this year, but we will definitely continue to host online and video conferencing events such as trivia contests, scavenger hunts, watch sessions, charity auctions and more!  If you have ideas for events, please let us know as we’d love to ensure that we get as much member input as possible.

2021 will see us continue to support a number of charities, including FareShare, Fitted for Work, WIRE, MSFIN, and The Smith Family. At this stage, it looks like our fundraising will be limited to membership dues, online store sales, online auctions and events, and stalls at conventions (if possible).

We are also hoping to do more with our social media and email newsletter, so if you have any suggestions for content, please get in touch. This could include recipes, photos, fan art, fan projects, and even tutorials for cosplay, model making and more.  We would love to showcase the wonderful folks that make up the New Melbourne Browncoats so if you’re open to being interviewed or to being a contributor, we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks again for your support!

Since 2014, the New Melbourne Browncoats have been supporting a young student via The Smith Family. We received a wonderful update recently, and we’d like to share this with you so that you can see the good works you are helping with!

The student we support through the Learning for Life program is named Abdelrahman, and they are now 14 years and have just completed Year 8. They write that they are thankful for “being able to live under a roof. To sleep peacefully and eat well”, and that they would like to tell their sponsors (that’s you!) that “I’m very thankful for them and they are doing good for people so keep it up :)”

Here’s what Abdelrahman has shared in their annual update:

  • My favourite subjects at school are: Maths, Sport, Health, English
  • In my spare time I like to: Play soccer and PS4
  • I like to listen to: rap music
  • The people or things that mean the most to me: family and friends, because they are always here for me and are very supportive
  • Something I want to learn in the next year: There are a lot of things that I want to improve on
  • A subject I want to improve in is: Maths
  • At school, Abdelrahman has improved most in: Health and Reading

The sponsorship support provided through the Learning for Live program helped with the cost of Uniforms/shoes, Books, School trips/excursions and music/sport activities.

Finally, the family as added the following: “Thank you so much for your support”.

We look forward to continuing to support Abdelrahman through their schooling and wish him all the best as he moves into Year 9!

If you would like to further support The Smith Family, information on donating or sponsoring a student can be found here: https://www.thesmithfamily.com.au/donate/give

“2020… a plague ridden year for folks. We’re carrying some Pascaline D that we aim to return to them that need it. Now this country is big. From ocean to ocean it is mighty. We’ll start in Melbourne of old, but who knows where we’ll end…”

Join the Firefly crew to help them complete their mission, from anywhere in Australia and from the comfort of your home! Go solo or build a team of space scavengers. All you need is pen and paper, a tablet/smartphone with a camera, and a device with Zoom.

When: Sunday 27 September 2020, from 1pm-3pm

Where: Zoom – Meeting ID: 922 1459 6898 – Passcode: j5Xjj1

Cost: Completely free!

Important Note: Teams must be in a single household, and in accordance with local health directives and restrictions.

Join us online for our first virtual AGM!  We’ve gone almost entirely online this year, so now you can join in from anywhere in Australia from the comfort of your couch! The AGM is when you can have your say on the direction of our club, provide feedback to the committee on the past year and the years to come, and decide on the Committee for 2020/2021. The future of the New Melbourne Browncoats is in your hands, so we need everyone to get involved!

As our club is entirely organised by volunteers we need all of our members and supporters involved in the decision making and planning, as more hands on deck means more Firefly fun for everyone!

Wear your favourite Browncoat fan gear or cosplay, and grab your favourite Firefly/Serenity prop or fan item to share and show off!

When: Sunday 20 September 2020 – 12-1pm AEST
Where: Zoom – Meeting ID: 943 9645 4816 – Passcode: NMBAGM

As a band of volunteers, we’re always on the look out for people to give us a hand and share the load of keeping the New Melbourne Browncoats going strong. As we’re moving to doing a lot more of our meetings online, you can get involved regardless of your location. Volunteers are essential to keeping our ship running, and our current team need helpers to share the load. All current positions become vacant at the AGM, so you can nominate for any of the roles. You just need to be a current NMB member and be over 18 years old.

Members from all over Australia can join the committee – either as an Ordinary Member (which is a great way to get your feet wet) or an Executive position (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). Distance is no obstacle, so get involved today!

If you can join the team and commit your time and energy, please nominate for one (or more) of the Committee roles! You can find details of each position here.  You can either fill out and scan the Nomination Form or you can just copy the text into an email, sending to sec@newmelbournebrowncoats.com. Nominations must be received by 11pm on 19 September 2020.

If you can’t attend, and still want to vote as a member, please complete a Proxy Assignment Form and email it to sec@newmelbournebrowncoats.com by 11pm on 19 September 2020.

Outgoing Committee:
 Chris MacLennan, Vice President: Sarah Brennan-Dunn, Secretary: Melissa Dwyer, Treasurer: Jen Cummings, Ordinary Members: Charlotte Sweeney
Terms of Office conclude at the AGM on 20 September 2020