Some sad news for those Browncoats hoping to meet “The Man They Call Jayne” this June in Sydney and/or Perth – he has had to postpone his upcoming visit.

The announcement by Supanova states:

Adam ‘Jayne’ Baldwin of Firefly must postpone his Supanova appearance
Supastar Adam Baldwin’s trip to Australia has fallen victim to his own popularity as an actor. Adam, a performer beloved of fans of Firefly, Serenity, Castle, Chuck and The X-Files has been cast in a brand-new, top-secret production and so he can no longer attend this tour for Supanova. he sends his apologies and hopes to visit Supanova in the near future.

While we will miss seeing him, we are looking forward to his next role and hope that he’ll visit our shores soon.

One Response to The Hero of Canton postpones Supanova appearances due to new role

  1. Mach says:

    That sucks that Jane can’t make it, but I guess that’s just one of down sides of being actor, you’re always at someone else’s call. Oh well maybe next year.