The Joss-man speaketh…

Joss spoke directly to his fans on 9 March, posting on

“Sometimes I get bitter… about things…” Sometimes it’s the little things that make you happy. Like this. Other times it’s dirigibles, which aren’t as little. Here my brother Sam shows what an iphone is best used for.

Isn’t he really all of us? He’s Everypuppet. Also, considering I have yet to master the “making a phone call” app on my iphone, I’m really impressed by the work. And insomnia means I can take time to share it with all of you!

Avenging pretty much every waking second means the little things that move, thrill or comfort me are like a kid’s precious bottle-cap collection: stored away in a little box, to be taken out and turned over in my palm, one by one. This year, there’s been “Winter’s Bone”, seeing Garfunkle and Oates at Largo, tumbleweeds (they migrate!), my Muji writing pads, and this link. And Avenging. Good morning!