Joss speaketh to the New York Times

Joss Whedon revisits Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog with a fantastic interview at the New York Times site. Aside from the internet musical, Joss comments on that io9 poll, Wastelanders, The Avengers and whether The Cabin in The Woods will ever get released.

NYT: How are you?
Joss: I am super-tired. I just have insomnia, so I’m like, [zombie voice] “Uhhhh. Prepping.”

NYT: It’s been almost three years since “Dr. Horrible” was first released. What does it mean to you now?
Joss: It means, what the hell have we been doing? Where’s the damn sequel? The shame. Mostly that. And it remains one of the purest experiences of my life. It just makes me happy all the time. It wasn’t like anything else.

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