Hold on to your cunning hats Browncoats!

Hub Productions has just announced Adam Baldwin, the man they call Jayne, will be one of the guests for the Whedonverse event next year!

Adam joins Dollhouse alum Fran Kranz at Whedonverse which hits Sydney on the 7th and Melbourne on the 8th of July next year.

We’re very curious as to who the next announced guest will be.

We can’t wait! Bring on 2012!

6 Responses to The Hero of Canton is Coming!

  1. Dark Matter Fanzine says:

    Whedonverse has been cancelled. It’s all off.

    • Jen@ says:

      Really? What’s the source of the info that it’s been cancelled? It’s still listed on the website, and there’s nothing on their Twitter or Facebook accounts saying it’s no longer happening.

    • Dana_Bo_Bana says:

      It’s definitely still going ahead. Have just spoken with the Hub office and they’re busy working on some more amazing guests to join Adam and Fran.

  2. Jen@ says:

    We’ve just confirmed with Hub Productions, and the Whedonverse is definitely going ahead. Rumours of it’s cancellation are unfounded. Yay!

  3. Filthy Assistant says:

    Hi guys

    Jess here from The Hub Productions.
    I dont know where that info came from, but the Whedonverse event is definately still going ahead.
    So keep your cunning hats at the ready!

  4. Filthy Assistant says:

    After reading the associated news post on the Dark Matter Fanzine facebook page regarding the cancellation of a Whedonverse event, it was infact Supanovas announcement that they were withdrawing Whedonverse tickets from sale as they had not been able to secure any related guests. Adam Baldwin will be appearing for The Hub Productions. We are a seperate company in no way associated with Supanovas events.