Oh noes! Dr Horrible strikes again! :(

First off, a wonderful thank you to everyone who attended our recent Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog Sing-along event at the Oxford Scholar.

We are extremely sad that the Evil League of Evil managed to prevent us from showing Commentary! The Musical, and we’re very thankful that everyone was so understanding. Blast the E.L.E!! *shakes fist*

But we have good news! We’ve received word that Captain Hammer will be using his influence to make sure things go to plan for our final CSTS event on 2 October. His minions have convinced our wonderful venue to waive their usual hire charge, so every single cent raised at our next event will go to charity! All hail Captain Hammer!! Plus, folks who show their tickets from our E.L.E. disrupted Dr Horrible event will receive a $5 discount on admission to our last CSTS event for 2010.

Since we didn’t get to share Commentary! The Musical with you all, we’ll be shaking up the plan for our “CSTS Meets The Guild” event. Instead of screening The Guild Season 1 and 2, we’ll be starting off with Commentary! The Musical. This leads perfectly into our screening of The Guild Season 1 (trust me, it’s the perfect seque).

Tickets to CSTS Meets The Guild are just $10 (or $5 on presentation of your ticket to the Dr Horrible event on September 18). They will be available at the Oxford Scholar Hotel from 2pm on 2 October (cash only).

See you there!!