Upcoming Social Events

So its all happening this month, Avengers is coming out the Comedy festival is on so we thought we should have a social event for each.

April 20 is our Comedy night. Rather than pick something that may or may not appeal to everyone, we decided it should be more of an adventure. So the plan is to turn up at the Melbourne Town Hall at 7pm and see who propositions us to come to there show and at 7:30 make a decision. We have the option of choosing who sounds the most interesting or we could potentially spit up and meet up later to discuss the relevant shows.

The Avengers is being released on the 25th and the 3D shows are on sale now so we need to register interest for who wants to come along. We looking to you to see when the best time so please register your interest so we can pre-book as soon as possible.

On May 5, Mick and Mach are beta testing their D20 adventures pub crawl, this promises to be a day of fun and drinking so unfortunately it is restricted to people over 18.

We have created threads in the New Melbourne Browncoats Events area in our Forum (and for D20 a basic rundown of the rules for the day) so register your interest there and we will be in touch.

Hope to see you there or at Supanova this weekend.

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