The Whedonverse at San Diego Comic-Con… videos and more!

Are you sad that you didn’t have the cash or time-off to get over to San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate Firefly’s 10th Anniversary? Or just don’t have the stamina to stand in lines for hours and hours and hours and hours (and camp overnight in a line)? Well, thankfully lots of generous Browncoats (and some awesome geeky outfits) have posted videos of some of the highlights!

Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel (courtesy of TFAW)

And we highly recommend catching up on the following recaps of the wonderful array of Whedonverse panels at SDCC…

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Joss Whedon @ NerdHQ (Video)
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And… Firefly Reunion TV Special announced

For more recaps, photos, fan stories and Whedon-y goodness from San Diego Comic-Con 2012, head over to (this link will take you directly to the SDCC goodies)