Schedule For The Day at Can’t Stop The Serenity Melbourne 2012

We’ve seen a few people wondering what’s going on for the day, so here are a few things that you need to know.

Please note, these times are approximate, and may drift here or there depending on how things run.

Your ticket gets you in for the whole event. We will not sell you a ticket just for Dr Horrible, or just for Serenity.  So please, when you buy your ticket, make sure you’re there for the start, because once the doors close at about 1:00pm, they’re closed.  Having said that, if you need to leave early, we understand, just grab one of the helpers to show you out.

About 12:30pm – Pre-paid ticket holders can enter, get their ticket checked off the list, start choosing seats and perusing booths

About 12:45pm – People buying a ticket at the door, after making an orderly queue down LaTrobe St, can enter, buy their ticket and start choosing seats and perusing booths. Tickets at the door will be very limited! We strongly advise buying online to avoid disappointment as we are very close to selling out!

Please note we will be drawing Raffle #1 (Firefly) and Raffle #3 (Buffy/ Angel/ Dollhouse) before intermission, so if you like what you see, make sure you get your tickets early!

About 1:00pm – Better start making your way into the theatre, cos it’s about to get real!

About 1:15pm – Things kick off with a hearty welcome from our President, and our MC Ben McKenzie

Next there’s a short video, produced by the global Can’t Stop The Serenity team, which explains why we do what we do.

About 1:30pm we get some prizes out nice and early. Raffle 1 and 3 and the pre-paid door prize, just to show you how much we love you!

About 1:45pm It’s time for something Horrible!

Then after all that fun, it’s time for a break and we’ll have our intermission.  But there’s more fun during that intermission!

About 2:50 we’re going to do a thing. See, this happened in Philadelphia. 40 people on stage singing “The Hero of Canton”. Well, we think we can do better, so we’ve put together some words and music, and we will cram the stage for our own “Heroes of Canton Karaoke“! This is purely voluntary and is right at the end of intermission, so if you want to be in it, head back in about 2:50pm

About 3:00pm It’s all over for the intermission, and it’s all over for the raffle tickets, because now we go crazy with prizes! All three live auctions and the remainder of the raffle prizes will go between now and 3:30pm

About 3:30pm will see a very special announcement from New Melbourne Browncoats. We think you’ll like it.

About 3:45pm it’s our very special interview with the one and only Doctor Simon Tam – TV’s Sean Maher! This interview is just for us, by us and you get to see it first!

About 4:00pm Is the thing you’re here for. Serenity. On the big screen.

At 6:00pm it’s all over, but the NMB Outfitter Booth will still be running, and you can pick up some last minute impulse buys on the way out.

Thanks again everyone for your interest, your help and your love of everything shiny!