Here’s the sixth of our Can’t Stop The Serenity charity auctions! This item is offered for auction as part of New Melbourne Browncoats’ activities as part of our fundraising efforts for Can’t Stop The Serenity, with all profits from our online auctions going to our total donation to Equality Now. To see the other awesome collectibles up for grabs, check out our other auctions on eBay!

Signed Serenity Comic Set (Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin & Brett Matthews)
This lot features a full set of variant covers for Serenity Those Left Behind Issue #1 (initial release). Mal cover is signed by Brett Matthews (author), Inara cover is signed by Morena Baccarin (Inara) & Brett Matthews (author), and Jayne cover is signed by Adam Baldwin (Jayne) Brett Matthews (author). These have been kindly donated by Jen Cummings and John King.

CLICK HERE TO BID! The auction will end on 23 September 2013.