Introducing NMB Social Nights! Join us on April 16 for a meal and comedy show!

So Mick has determined that he is really bad at organising things so this notice is coming out a little later than intended, however it is out there now and he can stop thinking “I really need to do that some day”.

Anyway, the NMB crew are looking to be a bit more social this year as opposed to just being the folks you see running CSTS or behind the booth at cons. To accomplish this we are looking to start a monthly social evening at a pub where we can gather eat, have a few drinks and be merry.

We are going to kick this off next week (16th April) at the Mitre Tavern from 6:30 pm. The Mitre has a pretty good selection of pub meals available so we are looking to book a table.

We are also looking to go and see Ben McKenzie’s comedy show Uncool. As you know Ben has hosted our CSTS event for the past 2 years and we thought it would be a nice way to support him back. His show starts at 10 pm so it will be a late night and it is up to you to buy your own ticket (which can be done here).

So there you have it, please don’t let Mick eat and go to a comedy show on his own even if he deserves it for not getting this post out earlier.