“Why are you guys called the NEW Melbourne Browncoats? What happened to the OLD Melbourne Browncoats?”

We often get asked “Why are you the NEW Melbourne Browncoats?” There’s two ways we answer.

The first answer is simple: We took the name from Firefly! The planet of New Melbourne was mentioned in “Objects in Space”. It is the second planet orbiting the Red Sun, and according to the episode, it is known for its heavily fishing-oriented economy. It was also a layover point for most of the systems both in the Core and border. Inara was talking about leaving Serenity when they stopped here. In response, Mal said that everything on New Melbourne “…is either fish and fish related activities so unless you’ve got the overwhelming urge to gut sturgeon, and who hasn’t occasionally?”

The second answer is a bit longer. Long before we were incorporated in 2011, there was an active community of Browncoats in Melbourne, who went by the name of Melbourne Browncoats. This group ran social events, had tables at conventions and organised the first Can’t Stop the Serenity events in Melbourne. There was no formal membership or structure – it was a community for whoever wanted to be a part of it. But once we incorporated (so that we could be better charity fundraisers), we needed to have formal members and so forth. We didn’t want to stop Browncoats in Melbourne calling themselves a Melbourne Browncoat, so we took on the name New Melbourne Browncoats!

You can learn more about our history here!