More Door Prizes for CSTS! Help us reach our goals and we’ll keep adding them!

We urgently need your help to sell tickets to Can’t Stop the Serenity Melbourne 2015. We’ve still got over 100 tickets to sell for our August 22 event!

Australia has been spoiled with Firefly cast over the past few months, and as much as we’ve loved having the chance to meet Nathan, Adam and Jewel, it’s meant that our CSTS ticket sales have been slower than usual. So we need your help to get the word out, and help us sell out! We’ve done it in the past, so let’s not let our 10th year be any less spectacular.

To encourage sales, we’ll be adding a host of door prizes to the event as we hit ticket goals, including a Nathan Fillion autograph! Tickets are only $25, which gets you a whole day’s worth of entertainment and prizes!

We’ve done the impossible and that makes us mighty. Let’s do it again for Can’t Stop the Serenity Melbourne 2015!


CSTS Ticket Goal Prizes v4

UPDATE 1: We’ve reached our first goal of 50 tickets! Thank you!
UPDATE 2: There goes the 60 ticket goal! Woohooo! On to Goal #3!
UPDATE 3: Goal #3 achieved! Let’s go for Goal #4!