Can’t Stop the Serenity Schedule

Here’s the run down on what’s happening when at CSTS on Saturday!

  • 9:30am – You’re welcome to start lining up outside the theatre from this time.
  • 10am – Doors Open. Collect or buy your ticket, check out the shiny merchandise from NMB and Gifts for the Geek, mingle with cosplayers and awesome folk, grab lots of raffle tickets and choose your seat!
  • 10:30am – It begins! It kicks off with a look back at a decade of Browncoating (it’s totally a word!) in Australia and some special video messages from some familiar faces. There’ll be entertainment from our host, Ben MacKenzie, prize giveaways, some awesome videos, our first set of auctions and Sing-along Serenity!
  • 12pm – Intermission begins, so hit the foyer to grab more raffle tickets, and head outside in search of lunch. Just remember that there’s no food permitted in the theatre (you’ll definitely end up in the Special Hell if you try).
  • 12:50pm – It begins! Again! More entertainment including special guest Adele Scott, raffle drawing, our final round of auctions, a flashback to Serenity’s release in 2005, cosplay contest and the BIG DAMN MOVIE at 2pm! We have a treat after the screening, so don’t leave when the credits roll.
  • 4pm – Last chance to grab some merchandise from Gifts for the Geek! Lucky raffle and auction winners can collect their loot at this time (and pay for auction items).
  • 4:30pm – Doors close so that the NMB team can pack up!

We’re really looking forward to celebrating our 10th CSTS event with you, so we’ll see you all there!