Thank you to our Sereniversary Weekend Volunteers!

As the crew recovers from the weekend, we want to give a special shout out to the amazing volunteers that made our Sereniversary Weekend a reality.

First off, thank you to…
– Chris MacLennan for heading up the Can’t Stop the Serenity event
– Melissa Dwyer for heading up the Sereniversary Ball
– Laura Shearman for coordinating our package offerings, merchandise and Sunday BBQ
– Jen Cummings for hosting our Market Tours, keeping things on track and stepping up where needed.

Special thanks also to…
Michael Mihalic, Leanne Girdwood, Michael Girdwood, Alex Corr, Claire Egan, Helen van’t Hof, Craig Irvine, Alison Graham, Elisabeth Dunstan, Andrew McPherson, Peta Nicholson, Toyah Patmore, Miriam Mulcahy, Carol Shearman, everyone who contributed photos for our videos and all our wonderful supporters!

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