Annual General Meeting – 12 September 2015

Members, friends and supporters are all invited to attend our AGM on Saturday 12 September from 11am at The Boatbuilders Yard (South Wharf Promenade, next to Polly Woodside and MCEC). The AGM will be followed by lunch, so please come along! In addition to electing the 2016 Committee, we’ll also be discussing 2016 events and charities to support.

AGMs are an important part of being an incorporated non-profit organisation, and for members this is one of your best opportunities to have a say in how our group runs, and what we’ll be doing in the year ahead. And they’re not as boring as you might think! This is your chance to help us choose which events to run in 2016, which conventions to attend (and the sorts of things we should sell), which charities to support, and who will be running things. So please come along and join in. We’ve had fairly low attendance at our previous AGMs, so we would love to see more of you come along to take part this year.

Agenda: Welcome members, Presentation of Annual Report (and questions answered), Elections for the 2016 Committee of Management, Planning for 2016, Other Business

Please RSVP to to ensure we book sufficient tables.

For Members Only:

  • Committee Nominations: If you’d like to be part of the team, or nominate someone else (who is willing), just fill out our Nomination Form and send it in by Sunday 6 September Wednesday 9 September (extended). Nominations forms should be emailed to You can download the form here (under Official Documents). All positions are up for re-election (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and General Members). Members can nominate for more than one position, but can only be elected to one position, and elected positions are effective from 13 September 2015 until the next AGM. If you are nominating another member, they must also sign the form to accept the nomination. You must be a current financial member to nominate or be nominated for a Committee position.
  • Sub-Committees: We’re also looking for folk to join our sub-committees. These are the teams that put together our events and activities, and can include organising our Browncoat Charity Booth at conventions, to events like CSTS and whatever else we might want to plan for 2016. We can’t do what we do without willing volunteers, so please consider helping out if you can. You must be a current financial member to be part of a Sub-Committee.
  • Voting: All members have the right to vote in elections and in decisions raised at the AGM. Our Articles of Incorporation outline how this works, so please read them to learn about your rights and responsibilities as an NMB member). Please note that only current financial members over 18 years old may participate in voting.
  • Articles of Incorporation: The Articles can be found here (under Official Documents). They include information on nominations and elections, as well as voting and other important procedures that we follow.