We’re excited to be involved with Can’t Stop the Serenity – a global charity event featuring “Serenity”. This was our fifth year, and it was our best event yet!

$7,500.00 (US $7,116.20)

CSTS Launch Party – 14 July 2010 – Featuring Done the Impossible
CSTS Cosplay Celebration – 4 August 2010 – Featuring Megabot
CSTS Feature Event – 28 August 2010 – Featuring Serenity and Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog
CSTS Dr Horrible’s Epic Adventure – 18 September 2010 – Featuring Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog and Commentary! The Musical
CSTS Meets The Guild – 2 October 2010 – Featuring The Guild Seasons 1 & 2 [CANCELLED DUE TO VENUE DOUBLE BOOKING]

Clare Birchall, Bree Cross, Jen Cummings, Leanne Girdwood, Michael Girdwood, Liam Merrick, Michael Mihalic, Julia Svaganovic, Emma Wearmouth.

If you’d like to help out at any of our events, we’d love to have you along. Please let us know what skills you have so we know how best you can help!

8 Responses to Can’t Stop The Serenity 2010

  1. […] CSTS Launch Party – 14 July 2010 CSTS Cosplay Celebration – 4 August 2010 CSTS Feature Event – 28 August 2010 […]

  2. Karen says:

    Are there tshirts for the 5th Aniversary still available to order? Or anywhere on-line tshirts and other things can be purchased to support the event?

  3. Amanda W says:

    Hey guys, Just wondering when the information will be posted on the site about the 2 further events whcih were mentioned at CSTS on the weekend?? Just wanting to check dates etc and how to get tix so I can organise it. Where will they be held?

  4. Hannah Ball says:

    Will there be any fun suprises for this Halloween?
    I mean the Firefly cast coming?

    I heard a rumour on the grapevine that Nathan Fillion our Capt Mal is coming to Melbourne next April/May is this true?

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