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Premiering this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, Joss Whedon’s latest offering is a paranormal thriller titled “In Your Eyes”. Written by Joss Whedon and directed by Brin Hill, “In Your Eyes” follows Dylan and Rebecca – two children who live on opposite sites of the country but are connected in a way no one ever expected.

Watch the first three minutes, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Hopefully Australian’s will get a chance to see the film in cinemas too.

So Mick has determined that he is really bad at organising things so this notice is coming out a little later than intended, however it is out there now and he can stop thinking “I really need to do that some day”.

Anyway, the NMB crew are looking to be a bit more social this year as opposed to just being the folks you see running CSTS or behind the booth at cons. To accomplish this we are looking to start a monthly social evening at a pub where we can gather eat, have a few drinks and be merry.

We are going to kick this off next week (16th April) at the Mitre Tavern from 6:30 pm. The Mitre has a pretty good selection of pub meals available so we are looking to book a table.

We are also looking to go and see Ben McKenzie’s comedy show Uncool. As you know Ben has hosted our CSTS event for the past 2 years and we thought it would be a nice way to support him back. His show starts at 10 pm so it will be a late night and it is up to you to buy your own ticket (which can be done here).

So there you have it, please don’t let Mick eat and go to a comedy show on his own even if he deserves it for not getting this post out earlier.

Jewel Staite Oz Comic-Con 2014

Jewel Staite has been announced as a guest at the upcoming Oz Comic-Con’s Perth and Adelaide events! She will be holding a Q&A session at both events, where you will have the chance to ask her about her role as Kaylee and get an autograph. And if that’s not enough, you can even get a professional photo taken with her or join her for dinner!

Perth: 29-30th March at the Convention & Exhibition Centre
Adelaide: 5-6th April at the Adelaide Showgrounds

For more information, check out ozcomiccon.com.

The New Melbourne Browncoats will be in attendance at both events, so make sure you drop by our space in Artist Alley and check out the merchandise we’ll have on offer!

Ron Glass Supanova 2014

Ron Glass has been announced as a guest at the upcoming Supanova Pop Culture Expo’s Melbourne and Gold Coast tours! He will be holding a Q&A session at both events, where you will have the chance to ask him about Book’s mysterious past and about his roll in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and will also be signing autographs. And if that’s not enough, you can even get a professional photo taken with him!

For more information, check out supanova.com.au

Please join us for our annual end-of-year shindig! Celebrate all things Whedonverse, and join us for our AGM so you can learn all about what we’ve been up to and are planning for 2014! All are welcome, and Whedonverse cosplay/clothing/accessories are encouraged!

We will be meeting for lunch at “The Boatbuilders Yard” (on the Yarra next to the Convention Centre and Polly Woodside) on Sunday, December 22nd at 11 am. We’ll be holding the AGM at 11am-11:45am, then having lunch afterwards.

Members are encouraged to attend and participate, and friends are welcome. Members: Please bring your dog tags as you’ll need them to vote! Voting at the AGM is open to members only.

The AGM involves the presentation of reports from the Committee of Management, voting on important resolutions, election of the Committee of Management, and expressions of interest are invited for sub-committee roles. Please note that only members may participate in voting and should make sure to have NMB Member dogtags on hand for voting.

Members should refer to their email invitation for more information on the AGM including our Annual Report, nomination forms and other details.