Thank you for helping us to support The Smith Family! Sponsor student update

Since 2014, the New Melbourne Browncoats have been supporting a young student via The Smith Family. We received a wonderful update recently, and we’d like to share this with you so that you can see the good works you are helping with!

The student we support through the Learning for Life program is named Abdelrahman, and they are now 14 years and have just completed Year 8. They write that they are thankful for “being able to live under a roof. To sleep peacefully and eat well”, and that they would like to tell their sponsors (that’s you!) that “I’m very thankful for them and they are doing good for people so keep it up :)”

Here’s what Abdelrahman has shared in their annual update:

  • My favourite subjects at school are: Maths, Sport, Health, English
  • In my spare time I like to: Play soccer and PS4
  • I like to listen to: rap music
  • The people or things that mean the most to me: family and friends, because they are always here for me and are very supportive
  • Something I want to learn in the next year: There are a lot of things that I want to improve on
  • A subject I want to improve in is: Maths
  • At school, Abdelrahman has improved most in: Health and Reading

The sponsorship support provided through the Learning for Live program helped with the cost of Uniforms/shoes, Books, School trips/excursions and music/sport activities.

Finally, the family as added the following: “Thank you so much for your support”.

We look forward to continuing to support Abdelrahman through their schooling and wish him all the best as he moves into Year 9!

If you would like to further support The Smith Family, information on donating or sponsoring a student can be found here: