For your reading pleasure, a full transcript of Joss Whedon’s MWF Keynote Presentation

Did you miss Joss Whedon at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival? The wonderful Melinda Dean from OMG Squee! has been slaving away over these past few weeks to give you a special treat. She has provided a detailed transcription of the event, for your reading pleasure!

Joss Whedon’s Keynote, 27/08/2010, 9:30pm

[Out come Sue Turnbull (leading the interview) and Joss Whedon and the audience goes wild.]

Sue: Well isn’t this cosy. How intimate can you get. Whoo. Um. About a month ago, a friend of mine emailed me and said, Did you know, God, is coming to Melbourne? To which I replied, yeap, and what I actually should have said was, and I’m the angel Gabriel or something like that. Um, Joss, how does it feel to be God?

Joss: Well, when I made the mountains, I thought…they’re good, but, um, they’re uh, I don’t believe in me.

[much applause and laughter]

Joss: Which is actually awkward.

Sue: Lack of belief in yourself, God, is a bit of a problem. However, you know, there are god-like qualities that you have obviously aspired to. Indeed becoming a screenwriter some people might argue was a bid for god-dom?

Joss: Um, I think it was a bid for obscurity and pain. A successful one.

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You should also check out Sci-Fi Channel Australia’s interview with Joss, which includes this little relevation…

Firefly Season Two – you want to know what would have happened – we all do. Joss answered this point blank with “Serenity pretty much covered it” (Firefly Season 2). “Finding the truth about Miranda, the origins of River, that was all going to be told over Season Two.” He was quick to point out that Firefly was about ‘moments’. The richly textured worlds of the ‘verse were a backdrop to small human moments that revealed character. John Ford storytelling, as he put it. This of course makes sense to fans of the show who know that Firefly was a little more episodic than serialised.

Keep an eye out on Sci-Fi TV for the full interview.