More auction items? Oh yeah! Win Summer Glau & Amy Acker autographs and more!

Can you believe that there are even more auction items?? It’s a bumper opportunity this year for fans to snag some truely awesome prizes. And last but not least we have…

Framed Serenity poster signed by Summer Glau. Sadly, we can’t post a photo, but we can tell you that it’s a mini-poster from the UK in a metalic silver frame, it’s signed by Summer Glau and is gorgeous!

Next up is a “Bad Girls We Love of Buffy & Angel”. First up is a super cool Evil Willow action figure (don’t worry, she’s trapped in a plastic case, so she can’t hurt you). Alternate reality Willow is definitely a highlight of Buffy, and you can take her home! Plus, you’ll also win an original Illyria sketch by Nicola Scott, who did the artwork for the Illyria issue of the Angel “Spotlight” series. And if that’s not awesome enough, it’s signed by the one and only Amy Acker! You won’t want to miss out on this unique item, that’s for sure!

And finally, for fans of that other show about vampires, we have a huge pile of goodies for “True Blood” enthusiasts. The pack includes a backpack, t-shirt, two notebooks, some very fun postcards and some True Blood Exclusive band-aids (to cover up those pesky vampire bites).

Remember, all the auctions are cash only and all funds raised will go directly to Equality Now to help women and young girls achieve freedom from oppression and the right to live in peace and safety.

Can’t Stop the Serenity kicks off on Saturday 27 August at Federation Hall, Grant St, Southbank. Doors open at 3:30pm (for a 4pm start) and tickets are still available online for just $18 (until 9:29am tomorrow). Or you can get them at the door until 4pm for just $20.