Whedonverse Guests at Armageddon Expo (16-17 Oct)

Armageddon Expo is back, and is bringing the Whedonverse to you! Join Juliet Landau, Miracle Laurie, Georges Jeanty and Jason Palmer at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on 16-17 October.

Juliet Landau is best known for portraying Drusilla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spin off show Angel (the latter appearance earning her a Saturn Award nomination). Steve Vinberg of The New York Times hailed “The wildly gifted Juliet Landau plays Drusilla like an acid-addled cross between Ophelia and Cassandra.” In 2009 Juliet Landau co-wrote two issues of the Angel comic book series for IDW Publishing, in collaboration with Brian Lynch. The issues (#24 and #25 of the series, appearing in August and September 2009) feature Drusilla, the character she played on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. In addition to writing, she contributed numerous ideas and references for both the cover and interior art of the issues. She has stated that she would like to write more comics set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe.

Miracle Laurie has been a fan of Joss’ for years and auditioned for – but never booked – any roles on his other shows. Finally, it was the right part at the right time – Dollhouse. Her dream had come true and she was cast as “November”. The audience, however, would get to know her first as “Mellie”.

Georges Jeanty is one of the current artists on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics. After majoring in the Fine Arts, at Miami-Dade University, he considered a career in acting, but decided to use his artistic talent to pursue a career as a commercial artist. Inspired by the comics he read as a kid (including 70’s comic book superhero icons like Luke Cage, Fantastic Four and Saga of the Swamp Thing) Georges made comic books his focus. After breaking in at DC Comics, on titles like Green Lantern, Superboy and Superman, Marvel Comics offered him, a new title they were starting up- Bishop: The Last X-man. His early Marvel work also included the Gambit series and a few Deadpool issues. Georges received rave reviews for Deadpool, and continued his Marvel-mutant-mania with the Weapon X monthly series. Georges was hand-picked by Joss Whedon to be the regular artist of the highly anticipated Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic book series.

After becoming a huge fan of the Firefly series, Jason created a print of the show’s cast for a local LA convention. Encouraged by Joss Whedon, Jason has since been working together with Universal Studios, producing licensed artwork for Serenity, the movie that was made, in no small part, as a result of unprecedented efforts of Firefly fans. These works include a line of popular limited edition Serenity collectible portraits, which are now available as an album set, including exclusive character sketches and convention slipcase tote carrier and more recently, a line of Serenity T-shirts which premiered at San Diego Comic Con in 2009 and are available through Melbourne Browncoats and other fan friendly retailers.

A sampling of Jason’s amazing work is below…