You can’t stop the signal – Help us promote CSTS

The CSTS season is in full swing, and we need your help to to spread the signal far and wide. And boy have we got some handy dandy promo materials! So if you know somewhere that would use some Serenity, and can get the signal out to Browncoats everywhere, point them to our Media page!

We’ve got a range of CSTS images including banners and icons that you can use in your forum signature or as your twitter/facebook/forum avatar. And of course there’s our awesome flyer to download, print and stick up at your school, workplace or community notice board (please obtain permission if you need to!).

And if you’re a blogger, journo, podcaster or radio/TV presenter, check out our Press Release and video/audio promos. If you’d like to talk to one of the crew, you can send us a wave here.

We also have postcards and flyers on hand, so if you know of a store, cafe, library or other venue that would be happy to take some, please let us know.

So… Retweet, Reblog, Repost, Reshare! Help us get the word out!

Video Promo

Promo Video Link

Audio Promo
Can’t Stop the Serenity 2011 Promo (mp3)