Prizes, prizes, prizes! So much to win at CSTS on Saturday!

Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors, we’ve got so much shiny to give away at Can’t Stop the Serenity on 27 August! Our raffle is jam packed with prizes, so don’t forget to get your ticket (or many tickets!) on Saturday. Tickets are just $3 each and there are heaps of prizes available…

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our wonderful donors and sponsors: Bedlam Bards (signed CDs and badges), Browncoats: Redemption (DVDs), Cats Dreaming (bookmarks, jewelry and more), Dark Horse (comics), Done the Impossible (DVDs), Dragonweave Jewelry (Serenity charm), Ian Leino (Serenity Sake shirt and pint glass), Illusiontext (DVD), Jen Cummings (shirts, fan, V cards and more), QMX (Money Packs), Ray Hill (Action figure, Slither DVD, Serenity CD and more), Smart Pop Books (books), Supanova (Serenity photo), Think Geek (toys), Thomas Grooms (Alliance coins), Utah Browncoats (badges), and WinterArtwork (badges).

Tickets are on sale now for the bargain price of just $18 (just click the link below the CSTS logo to the right!) or you can pick them up on the day for $20 (if we don’t sell out before hand!). Doors open at 3:30pm.

[Edited to update: Doors open at 3:30pm not 4pm… oops!]