5 days until the Hero of Canton arrives for Supanova in Melbourne! Here’s 5 cool twists on the “Jayne hat”!

It’s now just 5 days until the Hero of Canton arrives at Supanova in Melbourne! Tonight’s treat is a celebration of the most iconic Firefly piece there is… the Jayne hat!

You’ll likely have seen the traditional hat – available online and at our Can’t Stop the Serenity event – but there are some fantastic twists out there!


Jayne hat tea-cosy anyone? What about mini-versions as Christmas ornaments, earrings or hair clips? And is that seriously a Jayne hat toilet roll cover? Sure is! If you’re interested in trying some of these out for yourself, we’d love to see what you come up with!

And speaking of crafting, we’re looking to build a network of local knitters who can help us raise money for charity through the sale of hand-knitted Jayne hats. If you’re interested in knitting for a good cause, please send us a wave!