And now for something different (Firefly style)

With the upcoming release of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, we’ve been pretty focussed on bringing you news about the film and where it is/will be showing. And as much as we love the film (and we do!), we’re all about Firefly around these parts. So, in that spirit, it’s time for something completely different! Something a bit more Firefly related….

Kaylee In a Dress Meets Kaylee With a Beard

Two Kaylee costumes are better than one, and that’s especially true when one of the cosplayers has a beard. This Firefly duo was spotted at Wizard World Philadelphia. As much as I love Kaylee’s fluffy dress, the guy’s expression as well as his tiny pigtails pretty much win everything. Someone give that man a basket of strawberries. (Source)

The bearded Kaylee is Matt Black and the non-bearded Kaylee is Maya Dinerstein, both Philadelphia Browncoats. You can find more pictures on Matt Black’s Facebook, Jewel Staite’s Twitter, AskKayleeFry and at