Can you help us promote our Browncoat Charity Booth at Supanova Melbourne?

Browncoat Booth - Oz Comic-Con Adl 2012 KayleeDo you own a Jayne hat? Are you coming to Supanova Melbourne in Firefly cosplay? We need your help! We’re on the hunt for a team (or multiple teams) of roving Browncoats who are attending Supanova and would be willing to be our voices in the crowd. Our Browncoat Charity Booth will be in the Grand Pavillion (where Alan Tudyk will be) but as we learned last year, people seem to have difficulty finding us!

So we’d like your help to let people know where we are. All you have to do is keep an eye out for fellow Browncoats (easily spotted as they often wear Firefly t-shirts, are in cosplay, wear a Jayne hat, heard randomly quoting lines from the show/movie, or are squeeing over Alan) and tell them where we are! Let them know about the shiny things we have for sale, and how proceeds benefit charity.

Can you help? If so, make sure you stop by our booth (we’ll have a map up in a few days) and we can answer any questions you might have.