Here’s our Annual Report for 2013/2014 and our new 2015 Committee of Management!

Our Annual General Meeting took place on 22 November, and we’re excited to finally announce the new Committee of Management for 2015 and share our Annual Report for FY2013/2014!

The Committee of Management works hard all year to organise the activities that make New Melbourne Browncoats what it is, including our convention tables, fundraising and social events, and all the behind the scenes stuff that keeps us going. Thank you to each of our bold volunteers from 2014, and please help us welcome our new team!

2015 Committee Members

President: Jen Cummings
Vice President: Chris MacLennan
Treasurer: Michael Mihalic
Secretary: Leanne Girdwood
General Committee Members: Melissa Dwyer, Michael Girdwood, Liz Reichard & Laura Shearman
Sub Committee Chairs:
– Outfitters (Browncoat Booth) – Jen Cummings
– Sereniversity – TBA
– Can’t Stop the Serenity 2015 – Chris MacLennan
– Return to the Cabin in the Woods – Liz Reichard

Annual Report for FY2013/2014

The Annual Report is finally here, and if you want to know what we’ve been up to, click here to read it. It includes:

  • Highlights and achievements
  • Financial report including donations to charity
  • Reports on Can’t Stop the Serenity 2014, NMB Outfitters: The Browncoat Charity Booth at conventions, and Membership
  • Messages of thanks to our volunteers and supporters

Annual Report 2013-2014 cover