Congratulations to the winners of our monthly Members Prize Draws!

A few months ago we introduced a new benefit for members – Monthly Member Prize Draws! We kicked things off in October by randomly drawing the names of three members, and are now drawing one name per month. Each lucky winner receives a few specially selected Browncoat themed goodies to add to your collection.

Our 2014 winners were:
– October: Hannah Harris, Toneea Watson & Samuel Hemmingway
– November: Rebekka Jones
– December: Danielle Barnham

Memberships for 2015 commence on 1 January, so make sure you renew in time to be eligible for the January draw!
– Existing Members: Renewal notices will be emailed the next weeks. If you do not receive your email by 31 December, please contact us to update your details.
– New Members: To become a member, go to the Membership section.
The cost of membership will increase slightly from 2015 for $11 for renewals and $16 for new members.

The prize draw replaces the Members Discount previously available at our convention tables.