Our Online Auction of Cool Collectibles Begins on July 27! Includes Items Signed by Jewel, Adam and Summer!

We’ve got a great selection of goodies up for grabs in this year’s Can’t Stop the Serenity Melbourne ebay auction! The bidding will commence on July 27, and the fun stops on August 5 (though it’ll continue for the lucky winners). And best of all, the proceeds benefit Equality Now! Bid high and bid often at http://bit.ly/NMBebay from July 27.

Limited “Artist Proof” poster celebrating Serenity’s 10th Anniversary, signed by Jewel Staite and artist Olivia Desianti
Limited Edition “Jayne” Art Print, signed by Adam Baldwin and artist Jason Palmer
Set of 3 Variant Covers of the Serenity comic, including the River cover signed by Summer Glau and Brett Matthews
Limited Edition “Fruity Oaty Bar Advert” lithograph signed by artist Geoff Mandel
Castle Art Print signed by artist Jason Palmer
Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. poster set (8 posters!)

Thank you to our amazing supporters for donating these cool collectibles: John King, Jen Cummings, Darren & Sue Burgess, Bruce Loves You, Elle is a Monster, ShieldTV and Oz Comic-Con/The Hub Productions.