CSTS Melbourne’s Online Charity Auction this September!

Update (26/8):

Because of reasons, the auction will be delayed a little bit. It will now start on September 4.

Our annual Can’t Stop the Serenity Ebay Auction begins in September, and we’ve got some awesome items up for grabs! Here’s what we’ve revealed so far…

  • Serenity Better Days Comic (KNTR/CABC Limited Edition Cover) signed by Nathan Fillion
  • Serenity Better Days Comic (KNTR/CABC Limited Edition Cover) signed by Alan Tudyk & Sean Maher
  • Serenity Those Left Behind Comic Set – Inara Cover, Book Cover & Simon Cover (signed by Sean Maher)
  • Nathan Fillion signed photo (as Caleb from Buffy)
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar signed photo
  • Alias Official Magazines (Issue 6 & 7, including alternative cover for Issue 7)
  • Torchwood Official Magazines (Issues 10, 12-16, 20-25)
  • John Barroman Panto Programs for Aladdin & Robin Hood
  • Star Wars/Ghostbusters “It’s a Trap” T-shirt (Unisex XL)
  • Star Wars “It’s dangerous to go alone” T-shirt (Unisex XL)
  • Harry Potter “This is my Broomstick” T-shirt (Unisex L)
  • Goonies “Fratelli’s Family Restaurant” T-shirt (Unisex L)

All autographed items have been obtained in person by a member of our team, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

That’s just the beginning! Watch out for more announcements on facebook, twitter and instagram! The auctions begin on September 1 at bit.ly/NMBEBAY.