Browncoat Battle of the States Trivia Quiz Answers!

How did you score in our first Battle of the States Online Trivia Quiz? Check the answers below!

Part 1: Good Guys, Bad Guys and Everyone in Between

1: What does River tell Simon happened to her once she is back on Serenity following the payroll heist and escaping the Reavers? She swallowed a bug (Serenity movie)
2: Whose fake hospital ID badge from the episode “Ariel” identified them as “Miles Arixoen”? Malcolm Reynolds
3: What is the name of the girl that is pregnant with Rance Burgess’s baby? Petaline (Heart of Gold)
4: During the commentary for “The Train Job”, which fictional villain does Joss Whedon compare Niska to? Hyman Roth from The Godfather Part II
5: According to the letter Jayne’s mother sends him, what is Mattie sick with? The Damp Lung (The Message)
6: Who tells Kaylee at the ball on Persephone that her dress looks like it was bought from a store? Banning Miller (Shindig)
7: What is the name of Serenity’s mechanic before Kaylee was bought on board? Bester (Out of Gas)
8: Who refers to Badger as “a psychotic lowlife”? Sir Warrick Harrow (Shindig)
9: What two chores to Jayne, Simon, and Book use to ante up with when they are playing Tall Card? Garbage & Dishes

Part 2: Places, Ships and Vessels

1: What does Mal say are the only things that can be found on New Melbourne? Fish and fish related activities (Objects in Space)
2: What does Jayne say the Heart of Gold looks like when he first sees it? A frozen dinner pack
3: What is the class code of a Firefly transport? 03-K64 [zero three dash kay six four]
4: Where is Serenity headed when Jubal Early sneaks on board? New Melbourne (Objects in Space)
5: What manoeuver does Wash say he’s going to attempt in order to rescue Mal, Zoe, Jayne, and River from the Reavers that are chasing them after the payroll heist in Serenity? A Barn Swallow
6: Wash once spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was what? Juggling geese (Our Mrs Reynolds)
7: What does Inara say that the “funny smell” that Jayne noticed in her shuttle is? Incense (Out of Gas)
8: What piece of equipment does Mal bring with him to the Training House to prevent The Operative from getting a missile lock on Serenity? A Pulse Beacon
9: What colour is the button that will call back both shuttles in “Out of Gas”? Red

Part 3: Behind the Scenes and Beyond the ‘Verse

1: During one of the commentaries, which cast member refers to Inara as a “space hooker” and a “cosmic concubine”? Alan Tudyk (The Message)
2: According to Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, what had to be removed from Niska’s torture room in “War Stories” for safety reasons during filming? Hooks hanging from the ceiling
3: In their first meeting, Joss Whedon told Nathan Fillion that all the bad guys on the show were going to wear what? Hats
4: “Skunkworks” was the name of a building in Valencia, CA where episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were filmed, and was used during the production of Firefly as what location in the series? The hospital on Ariel
5: Who said, “Nothing like a major motion picture to make you feel a little better about having your TV show cancelled”? Nathan Fillion
6: What does costume designer Shawna Trpcic consider to be her “signature”, which she incproporated into Badger’s outfit in Shindig? Pink flamingo
7: Which cast member is sometimes cited as being a “prop actor” and is usually holding a prop in many of his/her scenes? Adam Baldwin
8: Whose idea was it for Wash to have a moustache in the flashback during “Out of Gas”? Alan Tudyk
9: What is the name of the astronaut (and Browncoat) who brought a set of Firefly DVDs to the International Space Station in June 2007? Steven Swanson