CSTS Launch Party Recap

The launch of our Season of Serenity took place on July 14th at Loop in Melbourne. We had a pretty good turnout with about 20 people there to watch Done The Impossible on a big screen.

We held an auction, with a signed photo of Alan Tudyk going home with a happy winner, and a raffle with prizes of Finding Serenity, Serenity Found, a handmade Jayne hat, the Jayne “Troublemaker” T-shirt, an Alliance money pack, and a “Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal” T-shirt.

By all accounts it was a great night, and promises to be even better for the Cosplay Event on August 4th, where there will be more auctions, raffles, prizes and merch on sale, along with discounted tickets to our Main Event on August 28th.

I should also point out, the merchandise and prizes on offer at these smaller events are just a sample of what we have for you. We have lots of the QMx T-shirts available, as well as some unique designs from a very talented artist. And trust me, there will be some very nice items up for auction at Can’t Stop The Serenity 2010.