Cosplay: Who will you be?

It’s just a week to our Cosplay event on August 4th, which means if you’re going, you don’t have long to tie down those costume ideas.

Wash, Jayne, Badger and HammerGirls at CSTS2009

And it’s not just Firefly and Serenity we like to see. Dr Horrible, Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel, anything Whedonverse is encouraged!

You could even dress up as any one of the Avengers now that Joss is directing!

A Horrible costume, extremely well made!

Here are just some suggestions:

  • Find an army surplus coat, some boots, suspenders and tight pants – Instant Mal!
  • Hawaiian shirt over.. well, anything really – Instant Wash!
  • Put on any clothing at all – you’re Echo on an engagement!
  • Dress in a suit and have some blue gloves – Bring a Friend!
  • Get some Old West gear and be the Bad Horse Chorus – ambush others!

Here are some more resources:

Search online for some ideas from the recent San Diego Comic-Con. I’m certain one or two pictures would have been taken by the people who attended!

Don’t forget, cosplay is encouraged at our main event on August 28th too!

Do you have your costume picked out? Do you have ideas? Do you need something our Browncoat community might be able to help out with? Post in the comments!