Just in time for Christmas… Whedony Crafts!

With just under a month until Christmas, there’s just enough time to get crafty with these great gift ideas!
Serenity iPod Case
Can you believe that’s made out of polymer clay? Wow!

It was created by craftster Kimmermonroe.

“It’s meant to look like it came off the ship. The outside is made from polymer clay that I dinged up and burned. Yes I took a lighter and burned it. The ipod holder is made of brown leather. It represents the “Brown Coats”. Yeah I lost my mind a little on this project.”

More photos of the project can be found here.

Quotable Wash Embroidery
You can never have enough dinosaurs, especially when they’re done so well!

This cute-as-a-button embroidery is courtesy of Tilt Creations and was inspired by Wash and his dinosaurs. You can find more Firefly themed goodies from Tilt Creations here. Among the many gorgeous items are a messenger bag with an embroidered Firefly logo, felty “two by two, men in blue” gloves, embroidered Fruity Oaty Bar girls and lots more!

Firefly Amigurumi Dolls
Can you believe these are crocheted?

Courtesy of Geek Central Station, the whole crew of Serenity have been miniturized and made extra adorable! Check out the link for lots of detailed photos, and prepare to drool. Particular highlights are Kaylee & Simon, Zoe & Wash, Mal & Inara, and of course Jayne (complete with guns and grenades!).

How about crafty-goodness from around the rest of the Whedonverse?

Buffy Logo Scarf
Says creator overmama, “I was so surprised when I started googling “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Knitting” and found no charts! Buffy KAL, yes, but a chart of the logo? I couldn’t find a thing. So I decided to make my own. After finding the logo, printing out a big JPEG and doing some creative tracing with graph paper, I was pretty pleased with my results. It’s just a simple garter stitch striped scarf. I made the panel for the second end separately and then grafted it on so I wouldn’t have to work it upside down. Plus, this let me do the intarsia (which is in stockinette) at a time when I could pay attention and then carry the rest of the scarf with me and madly knit whenever I had a moment free (on the subway, at work, in bars – wherever!)”
You can see more photos (and get the knitting chart for the logo) here.

To finish off, I’m going to leave you with my favourite Whedonverse inspired craft of the day….

Dr Horrible themed blackwork piece by beefranck