And the prizes keep on coming! Win stuff signed by Joss!

Nothing says “Can’t Stop the Serenity” like the chance to win awesome swag signed by the man himself! On Saturday, we’re auctioning off a rare copy of the Firefly Official Companion book signed by Firefly creators Joss Whedon and Tim Minear. This is a must have for fans and collectors, and could be yours this weekend! And all proceeds go to Equality Now.

And speaking of special, folks attending CSTS are in for a treat this year with a special message from the Man! Joss took time out filming The Avengers to say a few words to Can’t Stop the Serenity attendees, and you’ll only get to see it if you come along! And he’s not the only one, with many fan favourites adding their support. Exclusive to CSTS events, you will be supremely disappointed if you miss the chance to hear what they have to say (I’ve seen it, and it’s AWESOME!!).

Don’t forget… tickets are on sale now, or you can get them at the door. Saturday 27 August from 3:30pm is when the fun begins!