Jayne, Vera and a cunning hat are up for grabs on Saturday!

Now isn’t that just the cutest thing you ever saw? And it could be yours this Saturday at Can’t Stop the Serenity! We’re auctioning off a “Little Damn Hero” maquette of Jayne, complete with Vera and his very cunning hat. Of course, it’s vital to have one of these yourself, so we’ve paired mini-Jayne with a non-mini sized hand-knitted hat in the style of Mama Cobb. A snuggly warm (and very cunning) hat is a winter essential, so if you’re the lucky winning bidder you’ll not only be able to walk down the street unafraid but you’ll also have a nice warm noggin!

If you haven’t got your tickets, don’t delay! Grab them online for just $18! All the fun starts at 3:30pm, so don’t be late! Details are just over on the right of your screen >>>>>