Shiny Stuff For Almost Every Fandom in CSTS Auction!

As we draw to the end of Can’t Stop the Serenity for 2011, they’re going out with a big bang!

CSTS are auctioning some must have shinies and just about every fan base will find something for them!

For Browncoats there’s signed items, gorgeous posters, patches and buttons, an amazing quilt, a replica model Mule, an authentic Serenity prop, a stunning one off engraved metal etching and more!

For Buffy fans there’s 2 of Jo Chen’s Willow prints, Evil Willow and Willow/Serpent Lady, each signed by the artist, Joss Whedon and Alison Hannigan.

Fans of The Guild won’t want to miss out on the Date My Avatar signed by the whole cast.

Supernatural fans wont be disappointed with 3 different t-shirt and mug packs, pack 1, pack 2 and pack 3.

And there’s something for Xena, Chuck, Star Wars, SG:U, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Smallville, Twilight, Twilight Eclipse, and arcade gaming fans!

All proceeds go to Equality Now so not only do you get something very shiny but you help end discrimination and violence against girls and women around the world. So bid high and bid often!

And with only 54 days til Christmas they make great gifts.