Auction Item #3 for CSTSMelb2012

One of the biggest drawcards to Melbourne’s Can’t Stop The Serenity is undoubtedly the unique auction items we are able to source from around the globe.

Often signed by the stars, often rare and difficult to obtain, we work our contacts to get the best gear from near and far so that you can take advantage, bid large and contribute to the wonderful cause that we all get together for in August – Equality Now.

Auction #3 (or “That’s So Whedon”) comprises of five different items:

1. An unsigned picture of Eliza Dushku as Echo from Dollhouse

2. A DVD copy of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and a pair of cardboard Dr Horrible goggles (includes elastic)

3. A DVD set “Fred” collection from Angel signed by Amy Acker

4. A “Buffy and the Scoobies” T-Shirt size L

5. An autographed photo of Fran Kranz from The Cabin in the Woods

Can you see what we did there? An item from each of Joss Whedon’s other original creations!

Bidding for these items starts at $150 on the day.