Dear Everyone, Thank you for helping at #CSTSMelb2012

That’s right, to everyone who came along, who wanted to come along but couldn’t, who came to our lead-up events, and those who are bidding on the eBay auctions, from us, and Equality Now, thank you 🙂

We are still doing the sums to work out exactly what the total is, so we will have that for you soon. There are still things to be counted, such as the eBay auctions ending tonight, but those of you who were there know that the provisional total is well over $5,000!

To make the event even better for next year, we have some questions that we’d like to ask you, and we’d love it if you could answer them.  What you say here will help run the next Can’t Stop The Serenity more smoothly, so we hope you help us out one more time.  This is completely anonymous, we won’t collect any identifiable information, and all questions are optional.

Overall, did you enjoy CSTS?

How satisfied were you with the setup of CSTS?

Have you attended CSTS before?

Did you buy your ticket(s) online?

Did you dress up (Cosplay) for CSTS?

Did you attend any of our lead-up events?

What's your gender?

What age group are you in?

How did you find out about CSTS?

How did you get to CSTS?

If CSTS were held at a different venue, would you attend?