Memberships are now available!

We had a very good response to our offer of memberships at Can’t Stop The Serenity yesterday. It is encouraging to know that so many Browncoats believe in what we are trying to achieve with Incorporation, and want to help any way they can.

If you look at the menu along the top, you will see a new section titled “Membership”.

We encourage you to read through all the sections before submitting your application. These sections have gone past they eyes of about 10 people before being posted to make sure everything is absolutely clear, but, if you any questions at all about any of it, please let us know before submitting your application.

Once you do submit your application, it is received by the Membership Officer, who, according to the rules for associations like ours, will process each one individually before invoicing for payment by PayPal. Also, given the interest, please be patient in receiving your replies 🙂 You will be contacted, it just might take a little while!

UPDATE I did leave something out, actually. For the benefit of those not at CSTS, I should point out that this first membership drive is for expiry in December 2013. You get a whole year and a bit! Not just the bit… Thanks Rhiannon for asking for that clarification!

Once again, from the New Melbourne Browncoats Incorporated Committee, thank you for your support.


Another update:

Someone asked if I could re-post here what Ben was kind enough to read out on my behalf at CSTS: here you go 🙂

Thankyou all for coming today. Together you have contributed to raising money for an important cause. By buying your ticket, buying merchandise from our Browncoat Outfitters’ Booth, and taking part in the raffles and auctions, you are contributing to the amount we have raised today.

 Last year, we became an Incorporated Non-Profit Association. We believe this is a great way to build on, and preserve, our local Browncoat community, and the best way for us to operate as an effective and transparent fundraising group. One of the cool things about this is that we can offer Membership of the Association. The main reason we want to do this is simple: running an event like this costs money. Take today, for example. To run this event, we have to pay for venue and equipment hire, Public Liability Insurance, and licensing fees to show Serenity. Membership fees will contribute directly towards the running costs of our fundraising events.

 As you can see, members will receive a set of dogtags. One bears the logo of the New Melbourne Browncoats, and the other is stamped with the year of membership. The first year’s membership will cost $15. Annual membership thereafter will be $10. We have a special offer for inaugural members, where the period of membership is until the end of 2013. We are currently looking into some partnership arrangements where our Members will be able to get discounts on selected merchandise at some local stores. We will also be offering discounts on some of our stock at some of our Browncoat Outfitters’ Booths.

 Further information about our Membership can be found on our website.


Leanne (Membership Officer)