Thank you Perth Browncoats & Oz Comic Con!


We had a fantastic time in Perth, thanks to the Perth Browncoats and Oz Comic Con!

This time around, NMB Outfitters was staffed by Jen and Mick, who managed to have the store set up in record time on Friday. When the doors opened on Saturday morning, we had a steady stream of Browncoats and Whedonverse fans stopping by with lots in costume. We took the opportunity to spead the word about the Perth Browncoats and Perth’s Can’t Stop the Serenity charity event (CSTS). It was so great to see how many people are excited about this year’s CSTS event, and we hope that all of the folks who heard about it for the first time will join in this year’s festivities! After a long and busy day, it was great to relax with the Perth Browncoats and visiting Browncoats for drinks. Then it all began again on Sunday! In between selling the many shiny things we had on offer, we found time to help out the CSTS Perth team with ideas and donations of swag and autographs for their event (thanks to Oz Comic Con for donating the autographs). And then, too soon, it was all over! But we’re excited to have experienced our first event in Perth, and to raise money for FareShare and Fitted for Work.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the NMB Outfitters store for a chat and to spend a little money! And a special thank you to the Perth Browncoats for giving us such a warm welcome. We’ll definitely be back!

Want information about joining Perth Browncoats and supporting CSTS Perth? Here it is!
– Perth Browncoats on facebook and twitter
– CSTS Perth on facebook