Nathan Fillion says “Make It So!”

With the success of the Star Trek reboot, sources have indicated that the franchise may be set to return to the small screen. Talks are rumoured to be underway between Paramount and JJ Abrams to build a series that is set 10 years on from the current reboot but in the “mirror universe” – a favourite storyline among die-hard fans of the show.

Casting discussions are apparently already taking place, with Nathan Fillion hinting at the possibility that he will be returning to his role as a (ruggedly handsome) captain of a spaceship. “It’s not a stretch for me,” said Fillion, “especially the ruggedly handsome part.” Fillion also indicated he was excited to be playing a role in a proper science fiction show for once. “I should encounter almost no cattle. It’s in my contract now.” It was not revealed exactly how tight his pants would be, but if previous iterations of the franchise are any indication, they will be lycra.

Pre-Production is rumoured to begin later this year, with production to commence in February 2014.