Update: Nathan Fillion says “Make It So!”

Update to earlier news post: Nathan Fillion says “Make It So!”

More news is coming to light about Nathan Fillion’s role in the rumoured Star Trek reboot for the small screen. Titled “Star Trek: Tranquility”, the series is set to be a fresh take on the franchise from the perspective of colonies ostracised by the Federation. Fillion is rumoured to be playing the ruggedly handsome Captain Maxwell Reed, leader of a rag-tag group of rebels, fighting against the oppressive Federation, and a descendant of Malcolm Reed, the armoury officer in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Set 10 years on from the current movie reboot in the “mirror universe” – a favourite storyline among die-hard fans of the show – the show plans to focus on the NFT Tranquility, a non-Federation transport vessel. Though discussions are still in their infancy, it’s rumoured that the cast will consist of some familiar roles for Fillion – a skilled and battle-hardened second-in-command, an unstable yet roguish heavy with an unnatural love of knives (most probably Klingon), a medical officer with a secret, a young female Betazoid (psychic), a pilot who can fly almost anything (rumoured to be a role with a guest star each week), an ambassador, a secretive scholar and – in a move rarely seen in TV sci-fi – a female engineer who is a strong female character.

When approached to respond to Joss Whedon’s comment that he “Must … do … all … the shows”, JJ Abrams – rumoured to be at the heart of the project – was overheard to emphatically declare “Star Trek is mine, Joss… Mine!! And Star Wars! All the sci-fi are MINE!”

No official word has come from Paramount, but it looks like the series will be hitting the small screen in 2014 with an April 1 premiere.

When we asked for further comment, sources close to the project responded.